ProcomIP has unique and extensive expertise in IP & Analog Voice Paging systems and Telecommunication Enhancements.
We are familiar for providing guidance and assistance in implementing everything from the simplest paging system to the most convoluted mass notification communications system solution.
Our client base includes most of the majority of highly secured Government facilities and probably your organization All products are engineered, manufactured and supported in Hyderabad, India.
ProcomIP continues to develop the most technologically advanced communication solutions based on our client needs! ProcomIP introduced complete self amplified Loudspeaker Paging Systems designed to operate over IP.
ProcomIP Distributed Amplified Loudspeaker Technology has become the factor standard with communication system providers.
ProcomIP has set a new trend of paging solutions under the brand names ProcomIP paging.
ProcomIP introduced TCP/IP voice products that formed a foundation for our high reliability network voice platforms. These high reliability voice networks are used in critical public addressing systems and emergency mass announcements.
ProcomIP IP Paging Systems have evolved into robust IP Unified Mass Notification Systems deployed on government and civilian networks ProcomIP has an array of communications solutions for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and can help any business build a cost-effective telecommunications strategy.